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Our story begins with Bert Accomando, our current chairman, who purchased Sceptre in 1981.  Bert transformed and modernized Sceptre, initially through charter air to Ireland and Italy. Today, Sceptre is a leading tour operator of exclusive, innovative, and expertly crafted vacation packages. 

In 2002, Bert started a travel services company which offers product sourcing, a customer contact center, booking technologies, financial services, branding, and customer service support. This innovative venture now provides a full suite of services to Sceptre, the Aer Lingus Vacation Store (a managed brand owned by Aer Lingus), Great Value Vacations (the online leader of expertly designed air-inclusive vacation packages), and Journeys Connect (a managed brand). SFT 
has redefined their successes. SFT is inspired by bold ideas, and pursues the highest standards in vacation packaging, technology, and customer satisfaction. See how our solutions can help to grow your company!

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